The Beer Reviews Story

Flavourless lager is the antagonist of this story. That boring, replicated, flavourless pisswater (I don’t really hate it that much, but hyperbole is a great starter) that flows from countless taps, glasses and cans across the world and has become embraced at a scale not seen since breathing. And we utterly bloody hate it.

Hate somethin’ change somethin’

Ghost Ship Adnams

The beer that launched a thousand…Puns?

On an August afternoon, pre-GBBF, two of us met in Victoria Station’s Spoons and prepared ourselves for the day ahead with a solid pint of Adnam’s Ghost Ship. Whilst talking about which beers we wanted to try and figuring out a strategy which would ensure we could remember each we stumbled upon an idea. We should chronicle this. Sessions are not the best thing for memory after all and with our friend the internet, MFBR was born – the first iteration of what you see before you.

Since then we have redesigned, rebranded and rewritten more than ever. Our simple reviews and irreverent style has developed tenfold and something verging on an obsession was born through translating four main ingredients into whimsical word. We have no idea what we’re doing, which pretty much amounts to drinking beer and coming up with as many puns about it as possible then stringing that together to form some semblance of coherence. We love beer with flavour and care. We love the bars, pubs and shops that provide it. We love the people involved in brewing it. Heck, we even love the big bastards who ship that ‘premium’ lager crap around the world – if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be typing this out from the bottom of a really good tasting rabbit hole surrounded by phenomenal flavour, amazing experiences and even more incredible people.

So Carling, Stella and Fosters – here’s to you.


For transparency – I run this blog from a simple love of beer, but like any website it costs money to maintain and obviously beer (especially in London) can add up when you’re getting a lot of it. As such, I do accept samples from breweries and the occasional pint at a place I’m reviewing. This will not influence the reviews, if I don’t like a beer I will say I don’t like a beer, regardless of how much I did or didn’t have to pay for it. I also work with some guest posters. All this, though, is declared in the content if it has happened.