Hop Mountain

Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR Rating


Brewed by Old Dominion Brewery in Dover, America, Hop Mountain is very secretive on first impressions. The bottle and label combination gives almost nothing away – other than the fact it is very hoppy. Hops, in general. The name (of course), the label states “this beer is for hop lovers” and it’s brewed with four different American style hops. Hops (again, in case you missed the first several mentions).

It pours a lovely tarnish medium brown but it’s hazy and the sediments won’t settle. Proudly crowned with a very light-amber dense head and its liquid insists upon minimal lacing. It smells so citrus fruity – grape fruit and lychee but it kind of has that smooth buttery finish with small malt tones. The sort of fruit flavoured buttercream you would serve with a tart. …I should bake a tart.

Enough with tarts though, I am thirsty.

The first sip is light and fresh but rapidly morphs from sharp sourness and ends in a bitter taste. Whoa, slow down beer. Let’s break it down, Mr. Vegas style. (I apologise if you actually clicked on the link… At least there was twerking, right?). 1) First flavour that hits you is the citrus fruit, namely grapefruit. 2) Then it quickly turns into an earthy, malty taste, almost like it’s confused and not sure where it wants to go. 3) Then, bang, intensely bitter hops, and no, there is no diversion route. Once the bitterness has died down though, you’re left with a fairly underwhelming peppery, orange aftertaste.

Summary: each sip is light but then a heavy hop bitterness sweeps in over your tongue.

I am a massive fan of sharpness and bitterness in a beer but there is something missing from Hop Mountain that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it was just the fact that the flavours were quite high maintenance  and couldn’t quite decide on what to do. And the taste doesn’t really vary as you travel down the pint. Just the same rapid fire of confusion each time.


Hop Mountain
Date Published: 01/13/2014
2.3 / 5 stars

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