Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale Review

Liberty Ale

Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR Rating


Over here in Britain, there’s a widespread belief that everything in America is big. The servings, the theme parks, dare I say it… The people. The land of hope and glory, the American dream, the New World have not disappointed in providing big, big flavour in the form of Anchor Brewing Co‘s Liberty Ale.


The head sits proudly above this dark amber pint, like the Rockies presiding over the serengetis of Montana and Idaho as a big sterile, citrus scent slaps you in your redcoat face. We, the stiff-lipped British, are not privy to this intense flavour very often with our homegrown beers – but I must say, this evolution across the pond could be nearly as inspiring as the Curiosity Rover. Unlike most Pale Ales it’s quite a heavy, meaty beer. Probably made from BBQ ribs and Taco Bell with an exceptionally (ironically) healthy dose of hops. This comes together as a beer to savour – the flavour profile is actually quite complex (well there goes the stupid preconception), it’s floral and citrusy with a touch of toffee in the back whilst the dry-hopped style really grabs you with an awesome dryness post-swallow.


Jack Black

Paul “Jack Black” Revere

After a touch of research, it appears this beer is actually a celebration of Paul Revere, a stalwart colonial chap who alerted the militia to approaching Brits (twice) back during the Civil War. Now we love a bit of history at MFBR, and upon further investigation it appears that good ol’ Pauly R looked a bit like Jack Black. Now we’re not that knowledgeable about that war in America or whose side we should be on, but you know, this guy effectively made School of Rock so we’re quite happy to go with that. We’re choosing to ignore Gulliver’s Travels.

Some form of conclusion

It’s a solid beer, it made me want to eat chicken wings and watch Shallow Hal. It tastes good, it has a solid bitter dryness – it’s definitely worth picking one of these little buggars up and getting it inside you. Preferably whilst listening to the below:


Liberty Ale Beer Review
Date Published: 01/16/2014
A cheeky Pale Ale from 'Murica!.
2.7 / 5 stars

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