Delirium Tremens

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I have had Delirium Tremens a few times out in public houses and it has nestled its way into my heart. Standing at a wonderful 8.5% this blonde Belgium strong ale also has a superb bottle and design – pink elephants and dancing crocodiles. I can honestly ask for nothing more in decoration. It may be the first opaque bottle I’ve come across, off white with specks of black – like vanilla ice cream (thankfully the bottle design reflects nothing on its taste, I don’t know how I could cope).

I don’t take time pouring it. It pours well, the head dances with bubbles like a classy circus prelude performance (although, that may also be thanks to my pirouetting kitten who hasn’t any beer-on-table awareness). Straw in colour with consistent lacing from anywhere and everywhere. The dancing head does eventually settle down and let you focus on its other offerings.

I got a little excited and stuck my nose in a bit too fast and intrusively. Wet nose-ended the smells comes well balanced and mildly smoky with bananas, pineapples and yeast to finish.

Swishing the brew around it doesn’t cling to your glass sides exposing its thin and non-coating factors. It also doesn’t have as much of a tongue tingle that you may expect.

Primarily sweet to taste, followed by the aforementioned smells on the pallet, it finishes with a subtle bitter hoppy end. Its punchy – both in terms of fruit and effect. The whole experience is like the elephants on parade scene in Dumbo. I am so happy.

Of course, I may be bias towards the beer because of the punch it provides, the fuzzy blanket it wraps me in and the Delirium Tremens-shaped hole I now seem to have in my heart (not that my lack of sobriety has anything to do with the influencing of the ratings) (I swear) but I love it longtime.

Delirium Tremens Review
Date Published: 02/04/2014
High percentage and flying elephants - what more could you want?.
3.8 / 5 stars

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