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Curious Porter

Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR Rating


There is definitely no curiosity involved as soon as the lid is popped off this 330ml 5% Curious Porter. It’s a rich, thick smell of dark chocolate and darker fruits. It’s an autumnal scent that rolls through my nose with a smoky – almost ashen hint – it’s enticing and moreish. If the Aztecs believed cocoa was a bridge between earth and heaven (and an aphrodisiac) then throughout this beverage I will have the most divine erection.

An Adult’s Cup o’ Cocoa

Had they have had the technology – their cocoa concoctions would have paled into insignificance in the face of this Curious Porter. It’s drier than the Mexican deserts that our forebears would have navigated and farmed, it’s richer than all the gold in El Dorado, it’s burnt – much like the human sacrifices thrown into volcanoes (okay, too far and probably a Disney influence).

Montezuma on MFBR

This guy drank 50 hot chocolates a day. Those pecs are unfair.

It pours fairly dark, but noticeably translucent – lighter in density than most other porters. The dense head drops down relatively quickly leaving a slight film with little lacing, it’s not a heavy porter, but it definitely packs a chocolate-flavoured punch. It’s like that stupidly expensive fair-trade chocolate that’s got an 85%+ cocoa content. That dryness with a slight bitterness in the end, I almost think it would do well with a bit of sea salt and chili. A roll of roastyness and a hint of toffee help balance the finish of the swallow and leave a fresh bitter aftertaste.

It’s not particularly meaty in terms of texture, but I think this would be actually quite a good session beer (interleaved with a glass of something else to quench the dryness). It’d be quite a good introduction to darker beers, too, if you’re feeling nervous as it lacks the ‘meal’ feeling of thicker dark brews. If it wasn’t for those chocolate malts it could even be considered a dark ale – but either way, I’m left feeling a bit like Montezuma – I could definitely knock back 50 of these a day (…maybe).

Curious Porter Beer Review
Date Published: 03/13/2014
Review of Curious Porter - an outright Aztec-ian chocolate fest.
3.5 / 5 stars

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