Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR Rating


I ain’t no crazy bitch but anything with a Goddamn unicorn on it must be a wonderfully magical thing (even if the label does depict a crazy, old, deranged unicorn).

A Robinsons Brew’ry fabrication

To pour the head is, and I kid you not, like thick cumulonimbus clouds, the clouds you believed you could walk on when you were younger, before it settles down into wispy thin clouds that hint the summer to come.

It’s clear, shiny, dark amber in colour with no formed lacing but random bubbles that flutter upwards. The smell it not very distinctive to begin with; it’s fruity, a distant meadow with light floral and hoppy tones to finish, though the scent does strengthens in time (I should have sniffed some coffee beforehand (TIL)).

Strangely sweet to taste after you fight through a beery bluster as the liquid turns almost to foam in your mouth. It’s vaguely spicy with tastes of fig as the sweetness runs up your nose with meaty and peppery flavours that interlink – exactly like a yummy UK horsemeat scandal steak (kidding…).

The after taste is hoppy and sweet and it lingers. I shouldn’t mind, but I kind of do – there are no more levels to this sweetness. It’s a bit like finding out Santa isn’t actually real. You can’t bribe me with sweets, mother.

The beer triggers a rollercoaster of emotion and disappointing childhood remories rather than flavour levels. But besides my miniature emotional breakdown, it’s actually a fair pint. It is definitely winter for this nag.

Ps if you guys are into unicorns and cats as much as I am I present to you the purrfect (yeah, like I could resist) gift:


Banner background photo by aschaeffer

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