Mad Cat Meaney's Auburn Copper Ale Review

Auburn Copper Ale

Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR rating


Begins with a strong head and an even stronger nutty aroma that forewarns the drinker they’re in for a real pint. A bitterness that provides a kick and a manly maltyness provides a strong pint.  Perhaps the most surprising thing is the coppery auburn colour, I did not see that coming.

Mad, yet surprisingly balanced

Due to my attraction to names associated with mentally unstable vertebrates, I pounced upon the opportunity to review Mad Cat Brewery’s Auburn Copper Ale; not a pun, I literally stalked Alex in his home until he handed me the bottle. My impatience and lack of social boundaries were rewarded with a very enjoyable ale. After pouring, the ale was topped with a thick and creamy head. I waited impatiently for the brew to settle and to my delight the head remained defiantly strong.

The aroma carries with it a hint of fruit and nuts, providing an ultimately earthy bouquet. The initial impression after tasting is that, whilst proving to be decidedly malty, the bitterness is teetering on that perfect line of being enough that it marks its presence but not so much that your tongue wonders what it’s done to piss you off. In line with the brewery name the aftertaste is nutty but also develops a lingering fruity tang that contrasts nicely with the bitterness. To be quite honest,

I really liked this ale. It had been a while since I’d had a truly satisfying bitter that proves to be strong flavoured without launching an assault on your taste buds, it provides a perfect balance. This is indeed exactly what Mad Cat were trying to achieve and they even went as far to state that they were aiming for “..a good all rounder that will lubricate good times..”, proving that an effective lubricant can turn a good time into a great time.

The good folks at Mad Cat also recommend that this beer be partnered with either steak and chips, dark meaty dishes, a good ol’ ploughman’s or any other meal known to stimulate the growth of chest hair. Take heed to their advice and buy this ale along with a steak if you want to feel like a real man.

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