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Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR rating


With a 98% rating on Rate Beer, an army of passionate followers and two gold medals in the International Beer Challenge behind it, there was never any doubt that Oakham’s Citra was going to be one behemoth of a beer. Our local beer merchant managed to get a few bottles in and whilst I was in the picking up a few other bits and bobs the slightly inebriated looking hob on the label called out to me. Well, how could I refuse? Having proclaimed my purchase on Twitter, I got the following reply:

The spoiler wasn’t wrong in the slightest. It pours a magical straw-amber with a thick powdery head. Instantly those Citra hops (the only hops in this beer) spark up a can-can dance of grapefruit, lychees and gooseberries, all western-movie showgirl style. It’s bold and ostentatious with dark red lipstick and a push up bra. It’s beyond flirting now, I feel like it’s all out rough seduction and I’m a sucker.

If you got ’em by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.

Oakham Citra John Wayne

Oakham Ales, like John Wayne: Punchy

John Wayne said it best, and this beer definitely has me by the short and curlies. The first sip is a wash of (surprise, surprise) citrus goodness. Sharp in all the right places and dropping into a finish so dry I’m expecting tumbleweed. The bitterness is sticky as you get further through the pint, I could go back to those can-can girls here – but we’re all gentlemen and ladies so I’ll let your imaginations do the rest. There’s a hint of pear and lime as you get further through it, but not enough to distract from that overall punch of grapefruit and bitter. This is a very good beer – the archetypal Citra if you will and if you haven’t had it yet get down to your nearest saloon. Fast.

Wyatt Earp may not have been a drinker, but if he was I’m pretty sure he’d have had Oakham Citra in his hand a lot (and maybe not have dodged all those bullets at an easy drinking 4.6%…).

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