Pistonhead Full Amber

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MFBR Rating


Have you been watching Vikings? I have. And now I’m obsessed with everything Norse. It was unfortunate that I reviewed Einstock prior to this new fad. Luckily, however, I now have sitting in front of me a Full Amber from Sweden’s Brutal Brewing. Also luckily, there were Vikings in Sweden – so you know what you’ve got to look forward to.

This is Ragnar, Ragnar likes beer and killing people

Six percent skulls

Ragnar and his ragged band of bearded bastards kill a lot people. A lot of dead people means a lot of skulls. This is the only segway I’ve come up with after 5 minutes.

If you’ve come across Pistonhead before you’ll have been disappointed instantly know that they put skulls on all the things. It’s a proper biker bar style skull crossed with Mexican dia de los muertos-esqueness. Not for everyone, but y’know.

Dark. Full Bodied. Full Amber.

(Not just talking about vikings now, that’s actually on the can).

I’ve got the canned version, now stocked at trusty ol’ Tesco (and currently on special). It’s aggressive on the open, hissing out the aromas of cascade and citra. It’s dry hopped so it’s sharp as Swedish iron (maybe that is why the Vikings didn’t last so long…). Luckily, what they lacked in weapon technology, they have made up for in cool coloured cans.

As well as cool in colour, this is a refreshing little lager. It’s pretty general in the flavour profile apart from the heavier malt in the aftertaste and that dry citra back-of-the-throat feel.

All in all, this review has been unfortunately devoid of Viking references and the beer is an adequate Sunday-afternoon-in-front-of-Netflix kinda brew.


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