Spitfire Ale

Quick Overview

Winner of a gold medal and Best Strong Cask-Conditioned Beer of the World at the Brewing Industry International Awards Spitfire is the archetypal ale. With a beautiful hoppiness, smooth finish and distinctive aroma, Spitfire offers a slightly fizzy, delightfully bitter finish. A champion through and through. With an earthy pepper tang this is a spicy, bitter beverage. When in doubt always, always grab a Spitfire.

Target in sight

You’re soaring, staying close to cloud level. The engine rumbles through you and the whine of the propellers flanks you at either side. The sun warms your back through the cockpit visor and you’re on alert, eyes flickering left and right absorbing everything. Suddenly there appears a dark spot on the horizon, you focus on it, your attention screams. It’s on. Your thumb rests over the red button, all your training has accumulated to this moment, you’re ready. Suddenly, the dot whistles pass you, machine gun fire rips the air as bullets whistle past your wing. Your adrenaline peaks as you hit the air-brakes and pull a hard right into a heated dogfight.

You twist and turn, Patches O’Houlihan‘s wisdom ringing in your ear: Dodge, dip, duck, dive and …dodge. Your crosshairs are dead on the tail of your aggressor, you let fly. You see the sparks from your front machine guns, follow the tracer bullets as they pepper the tail of the plane in front. He rolls to the left, dropping fifty feet in a matter of seconds. You dive behind him, allowing your muzzles to cool for a second before leveling up and unleashing another wave of hot, leaden hell. Through the racket you pick up the metallic clink of bullet on propeller and there it is, a flame, a fire, now a flagration. Thick acrid smoke billows as the plane in front of you begins to bank and wobble, spiraling towards to earth. You’re one for one, maiden voyage and a confirmed kill. You only now notice the beads of sweat traversing your brow, the tension in your jaw subsiding. You place the pint glass on the bar, a rush of endorphins courses through you. You’re hooked, you reach out again, firmly grasping the Spitfire ale glass and you’re in the air.

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