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Beerdsman Lager

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Beerdsman are a very new brewery so I don’t have a huge amount of information about them at the moment. I first came across them when they popped up on Twitter (@BeerdsmanBeer) and according to the business card that accompanied the mini-keg of Beerdsman Lager they generously sent me, it appears they’re based in Crayford. I grew up very near Crayford so this excited me, it’s great to see some new developments in the beer scene around North West Kent and from a bit of research it appears the lager is brewed in Staffordshire (though this may now have been moved daahn saaahf).

Beerdsman Lager and the working world

Luckily, I work at a pretty awesome place. Every Friday the beers (or win if you’re that way inclined) are delivered to the desk by a weekly beer champion. This week, however, there was a slight difference – rather than the usual Becks and Bud on offer, we had Craft Lager.

After rather embarrassingly spraying Beerdsman Lager all over myself as I adjusted the pressure on the mini-keg the nearly 9 pints started flowing pretty rapidly. I managed to get a fair amount of my colleagues’ immediate reactions to the beer which were almost unanimously positive – so check out the video above to watch some very strange verdicts.

Beerdsman Lager Bottles

Three Muske…beerds?

All in the nose

On initial inspection the biggest difference between this and a premium lager is in the really thick head. You know when a new born baby pops out with luscious locks and it just looks really out of place? Well this is a head I’ve never seen on a lager before.

As with all magnificent beards, the flourish resides just under the nose. Beerdsman Lager has a very unique, rich smell on the pour. It’s a heavy smell of autumn fruits and close, humid September days drifting up through that rocky, powder and surprisingly lasting head. It’s also darker in colour than the usual lager, a rich golden amber that promises an explosion of flavour.

Hops and spice and all things nice

As mentioned in the video, the aroma is quite intimidating for a pils-style lager – but the flavour mutes the musk and delivers a refreshing, smooth mouthfeel. From the website:

Beerdsman Lager is a pilsner style beer brewed with Magnum and Tettnang hops to provide the beer with a medium body and carbonation along with a spicy, herbal aroma leading through to a sweet malt, slightly spicy flavour with a bitter finish.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s calmly carbonated and the fruitiness of the smell makes way for a well balanced – touching on dry – mouthful of solid but delicate lager. I’d had the keg in the fridge and it was a muggy afternoon so the combination of the two after a hard week at work was a real treat – I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to try at room temperature though…

Beerdsman Lager – the verdict

It’s a surprising and tasty little number. If it were presented to me with no prior knowledge I would guess that it’s a more a pale or amber than a lager but on the swallow those Tettnang hops really come through and brings the pilsner style together nicely. The mini-keg was great for getting lots of people involved and I would fully enjoy having a nice cool keg of this at the next barbecue I head to. Solid summer beer and great introduction for the boys and girls at beerdsman.

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