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This is so late now – we actually enjoyed a pre-realease taster thanks to our friend Nils, who knows the champion brewer at Caveman Brewery. Big thanks to him for this one!

If you grew up in Kent or the South East, you’ll already be well aware of the News Shopper. This staple of a newspaper dropped through my post box regularly and I believe I was even in a photograph in it once (#fame). Now to make themselves even more heroic, as they turn 50, they got Caveman Brewery on board to brew them a special batch of beery wonder called Shopper Gold!

Hot off the press

We got this fresh from the brew thanks to a friend of MFBR, sampled throughout an afternoon BBQ – and I could not have wished for a better beer companion. This isn’t a hoptacular clout nor is it an experimental fruit fizz. This is simply really good beer. It’s balanced in flavour, low on carbonation, caramel in colour and has a full mouth feel with a noticeable but not overpowering bitterness on the finish. It’s thirst-quenching AND moreish, everything it should be for those hot (yes, I’m optimistic) afternoons over the grill in the back garden.

South East Session

As the name may have given away, this cheeky celebratory brew is a Golden Ale with a relatively low alcohol percentage. It’s an inoffensive delight – expertly rounded and true to form from the Swanscombe based Caveman (get your hands on their Citra whenever you can).

Editor of the NewsShopper summed it up quite nicely:

I have tasted the odd beer in my time but this really is one of the best I have ever tasted. I knew Caveman Brewery was good, I didn’t realise they were quite this good.

Andrew Parkes

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