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Cumberland Ale

A Little Information

Brewed by Jennings Brewery, which was established in 1828 in the village of Lorton, between Keswick and Cockermouth and er… situated west of Big Wood (come on guys, let’s not be immature…). Cumberland is a Golden Ale at 4.7% vol that has been brewed for over 100 entire years and is stated to be the best selling ale from the brewery.

Where to, Madame?

The Cumberland Ale label invites you to close your eyes and sip your way into the stunning sceneries of tranquil lakes that will offer you a unique sense of space and freedom.
Before I pour I generally like to catch a cheeky scent – a clue – of what the bottle contains once the cap is off. Unfortunately, there is little and non-descript scent so away I pour. What pours though, is a beautifully light coloured, burnt-amber liquid. Bubbles stick to the side, a little like frogspawn in clusters. The ale crowns a handsome slightly off-white head, medium thick, which reduces but lingers.
The smell? I can’t quite work it out. It doesn’t bellow at me as other beers have done. With hard concentration I get scents of malt, earth, herb and somewhat citrus.
To drink it is not fizzy but has a tingle – almost like the sensation that is left when you drink after having a mint. This gives it a strange refreshing taste that turns warmly sweet. It’s different, not something I’m particularly taking to though. It has a long after taste that sort of coats your tongue; the liquid tasting sweeter and sweeter the further I get down the pint.
I hoped to be zapped to the Lake District on a cool, crisp, refreshing autumn day. However I think I entered the wrong address into the satnav and have ended up in a sticky, humid jungle. Maybe I stopped short on the way to the Lake District and ended up in Big Wood.
I’m not doubtful that this pint would go down terribly well with many punters. It did not, however, tickle my sweet bitter spot.

Photo credit Kklass01

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