London Pale Ale


Overall MFBR rating
Consistent flavour throughout, nice bitter aftertaste. A smooth, refreshing pint.


A good tasting Pale Ale from the boys and girls in Greenwich.

Quick Overview

A classic Pale Ale. Light citrus notes, grassy on the swallow with a lovely bitter aftertaste. It’s refreshing and well balanced. Amber in colour with steady lacing and persistent head. Not as deep as other EPAs I’ve tried, but very drinkable. A good take on a traditional genre.


Consumed in the Sun and 13 Cantons whilst waiting for friends on an unusually warm afternoon for late August, this punchy London Pale Ale has been an oasis in the desert. I have just walked for well over an hour across London, for no other reason than to walk. I think subconsciously I wanted to earn this beer, and it’s not a bad beer to earn. So I sit, in a dimly lit room with mirrors on either side of me pretending I’m in a never-ending corridor where the beer is infinite. What a corridor that would be. Who needs windows when you have beer?

Yes, London Pale Ale, that is what we’re here for…right? The nose (listen to me – psh), it smells a touch citrusy; as a traditional Pale Ale should – I believe there are Cascade and Centennial hops in this – similar to the hops that were imported 150ish years ago when the Pale Ale first became massively popular. This helps to give it that natural grassy, hoppy scent and flavour, just so you know. It’s almost tangy, but not quite. Refreshing to medium on the maltiness, a touch of spearmint and some traditional English hops to hit us with a very welcome bitter aftertaste. You know you’re drinking it, but it doesn’t overpower you, it plays with your tastebuds like lion cubs play with gazelles in Disney movies. The claws are out, but it won’t shred you to pieces. It’s quite a delicate balance that I fear only the boys at Meantime could conquer. And conquered they have.

Overall, this is a nice pint. It’s not too distinguishable in taste or smell, but it’s very agreeable to drink. I would recommend it, being a Pale Ale fan, as the hit is fruity enough but the bitter in the aftertaste is physically enjoyable. If you see this out and about, grab yourself one – especially if it’s a warm day.


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