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The perfect partner for a hot summer day is this award winning pale ale. A crisp and smooth blonde ale with a refreshingly hoppy scent and a strong citrus finish. A confident blend between bitter and sweet, it proves to be a satisfyingly crisp beverage that is easy to drink on a lazy afternoon.

Madness and slurring may occur

I first tried Mad Goose during a recent trip to Birmingham, where I visited the Holy Grail that is The Wellington, a pub which boasts sixteen hand-pumped ales. Oh yes, sixteen. Mad Goose was the first ale that I tried at the pub, I was drawn towards it. I felt like I could relate to it because, like me, nobody messes with a mad goose…and nobody really wants to be friends with one either. Crippling loneliness aside I discovered that Mad Goose was the only companion you need on a hot summer day.

The first clue as to how refreshing this ale is lies within its bright appearance, providing a teaser to the citrus bouquet that awaits you. It contains an intensely fresh aroma with strong scents of orange and a pleasant, underlying hoppiness. The taste delivers on all that has been promised to you so far, immediately fresh and crisp it is smooth and extremely easy to drink. A refreshing zest prevails throughout the pint which trails into a dry, citrus finish.

I only had half a pint of Mad Goose (mainly because I fully intended on drinking all 16 ales in one sitting) but I could have happily had two or three pints whilst enjoying the sun on the terrace of The Wellington. Purity Brewing recommend partnering Mad Goose with a meal consisting of pork, lamb or chicken. However, if you are as poor as I am, you too will find that salted peanuts also do the trick. Overall, if you are looking for a light and refreshing ale when sitting in a pub garden or having a BBQ I would recommend the company of a Mad Goose. Also, be sure to visit The Wellington when in Birmingham, you will not be disappointed.

Made Goose Pale Ale
Date Published: 08/01/2013
Crisp and refreshing
3.5 / 5 stars


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