Overall MFBR rating
Blonde blonde blonde something. Well balanced a few mouthfuls into the beer, would drink again.


Inarticulately good, would recommend if available.

Ringwood’s whimsically named Boondoggle (which, according to their website, is an American term for “work of little value” – hmm) is a blonde beer whose label promises me a “punchy citrus aroma, and a well balanced moreish fruity taste”. It sounds fun, if a little unorthodox, but as always – I will approach with an open, boondoggled mind.

Had this cheeky blonde been poured out of eyesight (and if it weren’t for the thick silky head) I may have thought this was apple juice, slightly fizzy apple juice, but there’s no cloud and it has that distinct yellow brown tinge. Smells good too – not of apples – of sweet bitterness, a classic hoppy citrus mix. The balance, as declared, seems to be pretty spot on.

That smell is deceptive, and that balance may have wobbled according to my first sip. I was expecting a taste of Kate Upton over my tongue, that wholesome, cheeky, sweet blonde. Instead I think I’ve got Lindsay Lohan in her most recent years. It’s sharp and bitter, almost ashy, a bit rough. I’m worried I’m going to start spiraling out of control, waking up in the Priory. Second sip, it’s a full mouthful, this is now Lohan in Mean Girls – before she turns into megabitch. It’s much rounder now and on the fringe of moreish indeed. I guess I should pursue.

That – I think I’m taking Lindsay’s lead now – was a big gulp, a few, in quick succession. That sweetness is now balancing the bitterness much more artfully. It’s weaving and whipping across my tastebuds, it’s quite enchanting actually. It feels smooth, but edgy. It’s now Kate Moss before that cocaine scandal (I’m definitely running out of blondes here)…

This one is a difficult beer to define. It’s got all the right parts an ale should have – otherwise it wouldn’t be an ale I suppose. But the journey through the beer is quite something to behold. Having written this it now dawns on me that using famous blondes was probably a bit obvious and quite poorly executed, but I enjoyed in the imagery so I figure it can stay, as such I’ve developed a charming visual representation to try and translate my thoughts:


My journey through the blondes

My journey through the blondes

Get it?


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