Bellerose Bière Blonde Extra


Overall MFBR Rating


It has a minimalistic label, which is a little bit suggestive and at 6.5% it’s not exactly frigid. I have never come across the beer before and I’ve had to do a bit of research. I’m quite excited to try a French beer, with its sexy French language scrawled all over the label back. J’aime!

Bellerose Bière Blonde Extra is brewed by Brasserie des Sources (an enigmatic brewery, based in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux, France (which is north of Paris on the boarder to Brussels)) and has actually won the International Beer Challenge in 2011 & 2012. It’s brewed from three different cross-continental hops which makes this saison esque blonde a little bit more sexy.

Most beer bottles are not made from clear colourless glass, so it’s always a nice surprise to see what comes out, allowing for extra mystery and excitement. This one comes out blonde, a light honey colour (although, I would have been a little surprised if it were any other colour). It is actually not 100% clear. I’d give it 90% clarity. There will be no tears though, as this little French maiden has made me 100% hooked on intrigue.

She gives good head and the white bubbles stain the rim so you don’t forget her. She hits you with immediate hoppy and citrus notes and something else a bit tropical: lychee; and, dare I say it, a little bit bananary.

Femme Fatale

Oh, my gosh. Bellerose Bière Blonde Extra may well be seductive in looks but she is quite punchy. I’m not even sure if I mean in personality or if she is generally just a little bit violent. I’m not going to lie, it does remind me a somewhat of this weekend’s frolicking mock German beer house adventures – and if there is anything you should learn today, boys and girls, don’t add vodka to your beer – no, it is not the same as decorating your glass with a pineapple slice and a paper umbrella.

Back to Belle (because she will end up with your attention whether you are choosing to give it to her or not) – Although I don’t think she is necessarily appropriate for a relaxing Monday evening, she has me wrapped around her finger. She’s tangy, strong, refreshing and has satisfied my urges. Santé, mes petits pois!

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