Quick Overview

A well balanced seasonal ale with deep red autumnal colours. It provides a spicy and fruity aroma, with a taste of red berries and elderflower to match. Light and easy to drink, it goes down smooth leaving a long lasting sweetness.

No Blunders Here

Any ale that shares its name with a muzzle-loading firearm, so Google tells me, has quite a lot to live up to. Blunderbuss does not disappoint. For that I say well done Wadworth, well done indeed. An autumn ale, it is only available between October to November so it may be worth booking a week’s paid holiday to make sure you don’t miss it.

When first poured it creates an entrancing caramel coloured cloud that, when settled, transforms into a dark autumnal red. It carries with it a lively aroma of spices and berries with more and more ingredients becoming apparent with each sniff. The taste delivers all of these and more as you are hit with a spicy tang of red berries followed by malty after tones and a long lasting elderberry flavour. Whilst providing a hint of bitterness, it is the long lasting sweetness that will linger in your memory.

Blunderbuss is a warming drink that seems ideal for the season, reminding you that as you are on the eve of the cold, dreary winter months that cause a depressive slump, ale will always be there to get you through it. Thank you, old friend.

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