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Boston Lager


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I’ve been handed an “American World-Class Beer” of Samuel Adams and I can’t help but to feel somewhat sceptical. I’ve been to America once before and I was greeted with bigger than large everything: foods, drinks, household objects, vehicles etc. Although, I did fancy a Christmas day in a hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean with champagne and strawberries, so maybe my scepticism is a little long stretching. The 4.8% alcohol includes ingredients of hand-selected Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Tettnang hops, two-row summer barley and pure water and is brewed and bottled by Shepherd Neame in the UK.

Cap (finally) off and poured and I couldn’t even begin to count the bubbles that cling to the glass like passengers on an on-peak train commute into central London. Wood-varnished colour, it looks more certain than an average premium lager. And it doesn’t smell like one either; distinctly hoppy and a bit sweet, and something else. The smell unfortunately reminds me of my non-related Austrian grandfather, and I didn’t like him very much.

Before I further scold this craft larger, it does have an invitation to my mouth and sup I do, with much surprise! It’s also hoppy in taste and has some complex levels that I would not even consider the desire to give it credit for prior to tasting. It’s a full-bodied mouthful and with the bitterness it leaves the back of the tongue it has its sweet malty notes.

It’s a refreshing drink even with the sweetness. I am learning craft lager and premium lager are in no way genetically tied and pushing aside my scepticism and unwarranted hostility, Boston Lager is a (possibly more than) pleasant, easy to consume beverage. I still have my doubts and I am stepping lightly; but I am recommending Boston Lager, and I am recommending it for myself if no one else.

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