Golden Goose Ale

Golden Goose

Overall MFBR Rating

Overall MFBR Rating
Wouldn't consider it a Golden Goose, maybe a Canadian. It's standard, dry, lacking a bit of body. Nonetheless a pleasant beverage.


Standard bitter, not overly flavoursome but can't complain for the price tag.

I was astounded to find out, after a little research, that Hatherwood isn’t actually a brewery. In fact, this range of beers which also includes the Ruby Rooster, is Lidl beer, brewed by the folks in the enchanted Wychwood. Now I love Lidl, I think it’s blinding. I do the majority of my grocery shopping there and generally they have a fair selection of ales in, yes it doesn’t move around much one month to the next, but occasionally you can find a proper diamond.

Me Goose-ta

I wouldn’t go as far to say the Golden Goose is a diamond, nor is it golden, more of a dark amber if we’re being pernickity. But for a Lidl beer, it’s not bad – and at 99p for a solid 500ml you can’t really ask for too much more. The smell is a little malty with some faint yeast hits, almost bready but not quite. Taste-wise, it’s quite pleasant. Not groundbreaking, but I’ve tasted far worse, a little watery but not completely devoid of flavour or texture, a little light on malt so the body isn’t quite there but it’s very easy to drink. Quite a decent dry finish to it, not a huge aftertaste but definitely some subtle bitterness.

Definitely not a turkey

Okay, so this beer isn’t great. It’s no craft wonder, no golden egg if you will. But for the price and what you get in the bottle it’s not one to turn your nose up at. If you’ve got those monstrous in-laws coming for Christmas I’d recommend getting a few of these in on the cheap – there won’t be any complaints unless they’re complete snobs and it’ll leave you with a bit more to spend on baubles – because who doesn’t love baubles?


  1. Connard

    as a Canadian, I am highly offended by your summary. Actually come to think of it, we can be a bit bland. I’m going to have to reassess my life.

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