Green Hop Fuggles Review

Green Hop: Fuggles


Overall MFBR Rating
Fresh, bitter, dry. With an interesting and very moreish flavour. Definitely looking at more of Wantsum.


Fresh hops give it a nice kick. Lots of bitterness and dryness.

A quick lesson

Green Hop beers are basically beers which are brewed during the Green Hop festival. Hops are seasonal flowers, most are harvested and processed into Hop Pellets for year-round brewing. As such, some of the raw flavours get lost in the drying and storage processes. In the UK there’s only two hop growing regions – one of which being East Kent, where Wantsum Brewery are located. Wantsum, along with other local brewers, will get involved in the festival and brew some special batches using the fresh hops they’ve been harvesting.


We love a good pun, we can’t help it, maybe it was the relentless (and repeated) dad jokes we were subjected to as kids, maybe we just have terrible sense-of-humours. But this beer, I want some and because of that, I’m already giggling like a toddler. The Green Hop Fuggles (there’s also a Champion variety) is bottle conditioned, which means there’s live yeast all up in there making it a lovely cloudy dark amber. Don’t fear the cloud – it’s good for you.

The head is a bit of a weird one, it’s thin and initially sparse but as I’ve been tickling my keyboard the head has developed a little, now a firm covering of silky bubbles like snow. Oh God snow, did you hear we’re meant to be having it for four months? I digress, beer staves off the cold and I Wantsum.


Wow, I’ve been zinged. The back of my tongue has never felt so alive, I’m pretty sure the Fuggles are starting to sprout from my tastebuds. It’s got that typical dryness of the East Kent beers, but with a subtle overtone of… Freshness. It’s silky, smooth, bitter and really moreish. The only bad thing I can say about this beer is I wish I’d picked up the Champion version. I hadn’t heard of Wantsum or Green Hop Fuggles before this weekend, and came across them by chance after bumping into Mr. Hopmeister – but, after this tasty little number, I will be tracking them down because…

I Wantsum more..!

Photo credit: Nutto

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