Master Brew

Quick Overview

A strong and imposing brown bitter from Britain’s oldest brewer, Master Brew is assertive in its hoppiness and almost aggressively dry. With undertones of toffee between the strong bitter waves give the ‘Local Hero’ a finesse and depth that most other ales just don’t offer. If you’re after a proper, no-frills ale – this is it.

Yes, Master

Sitting down with this pint, and inhaling those authoritative scents of Kentish hops and malt I was intimidated. I did not want to look this beer in its auburn brown eyes for fear of retribution. Standing proud on the bar with its thick head ‘The Local Hero’ asserts itself immediately. Besides permeating your nostrils with the full force of a US Navy SEALs team it settles quickly and demands your consumption.

The pint is consistent from beginning to end. There is no variation the further down the pint you reach. It nearly mocks you as you expect perhaps a little more of the toffee tones from the malt. The hops kick in rapidly, spreading its bitter love across your tongue and coating the back of your throat. After I had finished I needed a moment or two to compose myself. The smoky aftertaste rolls in and leaves a naughty but satisfying tinge on your palate.

“Master” is definitely the perfect name for this pint.  I was unashamedly a slave to its power, submissive to its strength and overpowering flavour. It had my tongue in a leather dog collar the whole time I was drinking and for a little while after.

And I liked it.

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