Meaney’s Golden India Pale Ale


Overall MFBR Rating


The label depicts a cat with a demonic red glow staring manically into a beer. It’s my kind of label – I like cats and I like beer. It reminds me of our mascot kitten, Tramp (it’s an endearing name, I assert. To quote Sinatra: “The Lady is a Tramp” – in the good way!).


The Golden India Pale Ale brew pours with a solid head – and I mean solid. It’s fluffy and turgid and it won’t leave you at 3cm. Bellying minimal lacing, it is the strong, rich colour of Axinite. It smells of malt, earth and oranges, like a miniature underground grove for worms. The smell is not powerfully pungent but you can make them out without popping a vein in your temple.

The flavours of oranges and pepper dance around your taste buds once you start to gullet. It is, to begin with, a pleasant sip but leaves a dirty bitterness in your whole mouth. If the Axinite gemstone could be drinkable this is how I imagine it to taste – but straight from the ground before it has been manhandled and polished. Tramp is a bit of a diva and a queen but she’s classy. I’d describe the Golden India Pale Ale the opposite of that, but sometimes that’s what I care for ; )

I spoke too rapidly and the head has eventually deserted me and all that is left in my mouth is a strange numbing bitterness. You get used to it, it might be a bit much for some but it eases up a bit and personally I could get lost in it.

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