Old Bob

Quick Overview

A filling, strong, bitter ale. Deep copper in colour and strong in flavour. The spice mix is warming and coats your tongue, waving in layers of bitterness that build to a delectable crescendo. It’s a fairly rugged beast at 5.1% and is an ale you should take your time over, save for a headache that’ll turn you grey.

So many manly things

This gnarly old buggar sits on a log outside his cabin in the woods, smoking a hand whittled pipe and drinking from the flask inside his walking cane, reflecting on his past travels and conquests. It’s a heavy beverage – in the best of ways. With very little to no head once poured, the deep copper colour sits imposingly in the glass, demanding your respect before it’s even neared your lips. This is a beer with gravitas and rough, hypnotic charisma. The initial swill is warming – the spices coat your tongue with the love of an overly attached girlfriend, you feel it glide through you the way I imagine Barney the Dinosaur would when the cameras stopped rolling. Then a wave of delightful bitterness crashes through the back of your mouth. The fumes escape your nostrils and you’re lost in a heady affair of flying a Tomcat F14 whilst making love to the most beautiful woman in the world and grooming your thick, wise beard for a split second before you have to devour more.

Old Bob - The Most Interesting Man In The WorldAdmittedly, this is no quick refreshment for a pub garden in the heat of summer. This bad boy is best in a darkened bar whilst the wind and rain batter the windows. The satisfaction and respite from the cold Old Bob provides is just as satisfying as sniggering at those caught in the bluster outside. It’s unforgiving, an assault of flavour and complexity. It’s filling and satisfying. A manly ale that’ll put hair on chin and teach you how to fell a Redwood. Everything a good strong ale should be.

Yeah, you can probably tell, I really liked this one.

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