Wychwood Scarecrow Pale Ale Review



Overall MFBR Rating
Thirst quenching and voluminous


A Scarecrow ale review seems somewhat tempestive paired with this spooky time of the year. Let me elucidate, there is something quite eerie about a haystack on a quest to find a brain. Thanks L. Frank Baum, creator of irrational fears.

To inform:
Scarecrow is an organic pale ale brewed using English barley malt and target hops.
Abv: 4.7% (bottle)
Hops: target
Malt: Plumage Archer

In my recent reviews I have been a little obsessed with the beer’s fluff. I can’t help it; head makes me gay, and my obsession will not end here:
I size up the newly opened Scarecrow, my chosen bottle of wallop. I’m ready to pour, and I do without hesitation and slight cockiness. It’s superb!; the ease of the foam magically fattening in rapidity. Temporarily cast under a spell, I didn’t tighten the reigns soon enough and suddenly I was left with a wild beast foaming at the mouth, the complete opposite to the lion in Oz. I am sitting here waiting patiently for the brew to calm itself. Although I have prevented myself from refreshing my thirsty cells for a few minutes, I am in awe. If I were to be any fluff, this is the fluff that I’d be. No, I do not feel that was over dramatic.

Now that the bubbles have reduced down to a couple of cm on top of the intense, attractive lightly burnt-amber liquid I can finally get involved and to nose it has that proper beer smell; it’s malty with subtle citrus tones – golden sunshine coated fields (again).

It has an impacting malty taste with slight citrus to follow. The smell  neither puzzles nor conundrums as the contents is exactly as it appears on the packaging – so to speak. The swill is frothy and foamy in the mouth and leaves a slight bitter background aftertaste of grassy, earthy tones. I’d almost like to say it’s a little complex: different flavours emerge with each new sip.

The mouthfuls begin to sweeten slightly and each one is still foamy in the mouth. Not in a bad way, I like it. It’s not flat. It’s not fizzy. It’s voluminous. There follows no thick coating of the tongue but you can feel it, it is somewhat a little bit drying.

I liked this beer. Well, it definitely quenched my thirsty body and it was just what I was after. It’s pretty on the palate, though it isn’t the most rugged of beers, if you understand what I mean. A bit like the (aw) kitten below rather than the real Batman.



Happy Halloween!


Photo credit Simeon

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