Beers to drink this spring

10 Beers to drink this Spring

With the sun finally shining down on us and a few sprigs of blossom adorning the trees we think it’s time to say an enormous good riddance to what felt like the longest Winter ever and look forward to the freshness that is Spring in England. To commemorate such a long-awaited event, we’ve put together the following list of 10 beers to drink this Spring. We’ll be looking out for them in pubs, bars and shops alike that will cement that morning dew feeling. In no particular order:

Ghost Ship keg

Now this would make our Spring complete

1. Adnam’s Ghost Ship

Let’s face it, it’s good at any time of year, but that Citra hit just works in the crisp March sunshine.

2. Delirium Tremens

Because after such a dark Winter, it’s time to get a little crazy.

3. Lerwick’s 60 Degrees North

Because I still can’t get over how good this lager is.

4. Meantime’s London Pale Ale

Another classic beer that suits the lazy sunny days.

5. Ola D’ubh 18

For in the evening, sitting around the Chimenea. This cheeky porter is the perfect end to the perfect day.

6. Kernel IPA Citra

Scarecrow ale

Grab some straw, a hat & this

Because the sun looks like a shiny lemon for a reason.

7. Brick’s Kinsale Bitter

It tastes like a stroll in the woods. Oh look, a squirrel!

8. St. Austell’s Tribute

Perfect company to a spring day, hints of orange and grapefruit will allow you to pretend you’re being healthy.

9. Purity’s Mad Goose

Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon with a mad goose?

10. Wychwood’s Scarecrow

Best enjoyed standing perfectly still in a field on a bright spring day.

What are you drinking?

If you disagree with our 10 beers to drink this spring or want to make some suggestions – drop us a comment below. We’re always on the look out for new suggestions and beers to try and if we’re convinced we’ll spin this list around…

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