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Bridging Beers – an introduction to beer

If we’re honest, the ocean of Real Ale and Craft Beer can be an intimidating one to dip your toes in. Especially if you’re used to the interchangeable blandness of those premium lagers. Well fear not, before jumping into the deep end we’ll fix you with armbands of knowledge and knock out the undercurrent of indecision! Aren’t you excited?!

Rocking the boat (but only a bit)

For you new intrepid beeronauts we have put together a list of what we deem to be brilliant bridging beers, these won’t overpower you, initially, with a hoppy whack or repulse you with harsh bitterness but they’ll help you appreciate the appeal of the beers that do. So, step up to the surf and let’s begin our bridging beers doggy paddle:

Light and refreshing

If your a fan of crisp flavours, even carbonation and are pining for cool refreshment we recommend these spritely little numbers:

  1. Meantime London Pale Ale – a great all-rounder. Not too hoppy, not too bitter and very refreshing in all the right proportions.
  2. Lerwick Brewery 60° North – a gorgeous craft lager with flavour. Fresh, wet and full of the joys of spring. Makes me hear this every time I drink it.
  3. Purity Brewing Mad Goose – the perfect companion for refreshment (and queller of crushing loneliness). This is one Mad Goose you want to be outside with.

Bit of kick

You like it strong, do you? Well wrap your lips around these powerful beers and be ready to lose your sea legs.

  1. Delirium Tremens – a cult beer from Belgium. Does not taste like 14% and it always goes down smooth.
  2. Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger – a beautiful bottle-conditioned 6.5% from Britain’s oldest brewer. A personal favourite.

“Something like Guinness”

You like Guinness, that’s a good start (as long as it isn’t just for the adverts) – fearing the dark beers a fools errand. Here are a couple of our darker friends to whet (or dry) your whistle:

  1. Harviestoun Old Engine Oil – the name may not be too enticing, but you’ll feel well lubricated and ready to roar after a couple of these.
  2. Hook Norton Double Stout – won a Best Dry Stout in Europe award. Need to know more?

Your recommendations…

So tell us, what were your bridging beers and what would you recommend to your friends to help them along their journey?

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