Calories in beer

I’m on a health kick. I know, I know. And whilst I’m actually trying to gain weight, meaning calories are my friend, I thought it would be interesting to start a little compendium of information about calories in beer. Our favourite beers to be precise. So where better to start than Statista?! (Seriously, any more up to date info sources are appreciated, drop them in the comments, please!). This info is from 2015 and outlines the top 20 bottled ales in 2015, by market share.

Calories in beer

So taking these bad boys I have Google Fu’d to find their nutritional information (brewers, take note, there is none of this info on your website). Most of this is from MyFitnessPal so it may not be 100% but I’m pretty sure it’s there or there abouts. Without any further ado, I present the calories:

This was a really short post, Alex, wtf?

Yes, you are correct. But it will be updated regularly and if there is even just a small amount of interest I will create a nice little tool with magical filters and things so you can do quick checks on the fly through the site.

If you want any particular beers included, let me know. And if any breweries have a sexy spreadsheet of their beers and nutrition info they’d like to share with me, that would be fit.

Drop us some thoughts!