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The Pub Jukebox

Since starting this site I have visited many, many more pubs and bars than I can even try to count (or remember…). Whenever I visit a pub there are three things I instinctively look for in the following order:

  1. What’s on tap and in the fridge – I want to see the variety of cask, keg and bottle available to me, as well as spirits in case I’m feeling fruity.
  2. Where the toilets are – self-explanatory for those who, like me, break the seal far too early and have to make countless trips.
  3. Where the Jukebox is.

Back to the beginning

Now, this may just be me and my sweet rose-tinted memories of my starting out as a pub-goer. But a Jukebox is an integral part to my drinking experience. Before you all shoot me down let me explain:

I know in a lot of pubs, especially in town, there is no real need for a Jukebox. They’re not practical in loud, busy pubs. They take up space, you have to wait a million years to hear your starting song. They can be quite expensive for no real return and the amnesia suffered from standing in front of a raucous bunch of strangers – leaving you unable to think of any song post-1999 – can be quite stressful.

But. And it’s a Kim Kardashian but. There is nothing better than settling down with a cracking pint and hearing your favourite songs leading you through your drink. As a young whippersnapper (and frequent skipper of period 5 in 6th form; sorry, mum) myself and my beer-consuming buddies honed our playlist over many lunchtime and evening pints in the Stage Door, Dartford. There’s something slightly magical about sipping Shepherd Neame beers in that quirky boozer with a ridiculous soundtrack playing in the background (and I mean ridiculous) – and when I get the chance, I always head back to do the same thing.

The (Best) Pub Jukebox Playlist

Although songs came and went as we fancied, there are a few non-negotiables (including their order of play) that repeated for nigh on 4 years of regular visiting, here’s an overview list:

  1. The Eagles – Hotel California (non-negotiable)
    MFBR's Pub Jukebox Playlist

    I knew you were trouble when you walked iiiiin

  2. Enrique Iglesias – Hero
  3. George Michael – Faith
  4. The Hollies – He’s My Brother
  5. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
  6. Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis
  7. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
  8. Don McLean – American Pie (always the full version)
  9. Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
  10. Frank Sinatra – My Way (non-negotiable)

I realise this probably says more about myself and my friends than I should really broadcast over the internet – but let’s be honest, it’s all a bit of fun and yes, Taylor Swift is in 300% too many times than she should be, but she’s really bloody catchy.

So, what’s your ultimate pub playlist?

MFBR's Ultimate Pub Jukebox Playlist by alexfield on Grooveshark

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