Pull your own pints… In the Supermarket.

This is something that should have happened already in the UK. This should have been how we bought beer since the inauguration of the first supermarket in the British Isles (Pub Quiz fact; Premier Supermarket, Streatham, 1951).

US Supermarket launches in-store growler taps

Supermarket. Beer. Taps. Awesome.

There’s design (cans, bottles, mini-kegs) and there’s User Experience (grab a growler and fill that buggar up). The novelty factor alone would intrigue enough people to boost sales for a while, converting some of those to craft beer aficionados.

Kroger started the scheme back in 2003 to try and diversify their product offering to compete with places like Walmart who were massively undercutting prices. It has been so successful in Arizona that the Kroger team now want to roll this out across all their locations.

Let’s hope LIDL and Aldi take note.

The beer offerings are part of a national push to court beer lovers. Kroger has had beer stations in Arizona stores for years and more recently in Columbus and Atlanta.

But now in 2015, Kroger has rapidly expanded beer stations to selected stores in: Lexington, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; Richmond, Virginia; and Los Alamos, New Mexico. It has also added them to stores in the Pacific Northwest at its Fred Meyer and QFC chains.


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