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CraftyBeerFest – Purley

During a typically overcast day at the beginning of June I entered a church for the first time in years. No, I wasn’t going to confession (although that is long overdue) I was headed for a session for it was on this day that the CraftyBeerFest organisers handed unto us over 35 cask beers, a dedicated 10 tap keg bar and over 50 bottle and can varieties. Praise be.

We turned up shortly after opening, just look at all that beer.

Let there be light (at CraftyBeerFest Purley)

The Cronx's beautiful Entire Porter from CraftyBeerFest

The Cronx’s beautiful Entire Porter

With Crafty Beer Fest not being my first rodeo, I was intent to pace myself throughout the day to make sure I got in as much great beer as possible. With such a massive selection for a suburb-based festival I took the executive decision to not go for bottles or cans and concentrate solely on the cask beer and dip into keg when I needed a fizz-filled refresher.

The main hall was quite dim so we grabbed our first and headed outside to take advantage of our Sabbath day 24 hours early (my religious knowledge is not great).

The all important beer list (our consumption)

Bexley Brewery Session Ruby Ale
Beavertown Bloody ‘Ell
Hackney Simcoe Summit
Cronx Entire Porter
Hammerton Life on Mars
One Mile End Snakecharmer
Redemption Big Chief
Uprising Caramel Macchiato
Downlands Hidden Colour
Brixton Effra
Brew By Numbers 01|15 Saison
London Beer Factory Chelsea Blonde
London Brewing Company Maya
Hop Stuff A.P.A.
Volden Best Bitter
By the Horns Lambeth Walk
Downlands Hidden Colour x3

There was a lot of beer imbibed. A lot of beer. It was righteous. But we didn’t even scratch the surface on what was wholly available. And, you’ve probably noticed from the list above a lot if it was from London based brewers so it was all local and fresh. I was genuinely thoroughly impressed by the selection that the CraftyBeerFest guys and girls have presented.

(I had another pint of it after that tweet).

The CraftyBeerFest crowd

Hammerton's darker than expected Life On Mars CraftyBeerFest

Hammerton’s darker than expected Life On Mars

Even though the panoramic above shows a fairly empty venue slightly reminiscent of a village hall disco for under-18s on Mayday… By 4pm it was thronging. Like really packed. We met some really enjoyable people who we spent the day moseying around and sharing our beers with so a shout out to Pete, Mark, Riz, Sean and Susan for your company throughout the day (Sean and Susan gave us half a bottle of Seaweed brewed beer. So yeah… There’s that).

Considering it’s so close to Croydon, I didn’t see a single fight, so I’m counting that as a win. And a lot of that is testament to the organisers of the festival. Even when the place was packed it was still quicker getting your beer than it is in Central London on a Wednesday night.

Overall, CraftyBeerFest in Purley was a winner and I’ll definitely be looking out for the next event.

Want more?

Then head over to CraftyBeerFest website to keep an eye on their next event!

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