A GBBF Prelude

With less than a month to go I wanted to do a little scribble about our plans and expectations of GBBF, the Real Ale Extravaganza. 2012’s event was the inspiration for MFBR and we’re overly excited to be going back and ingesting not only great beer, but the atmosphere, inspiration and opinions of others.

With all your regular big breweries taking part – Fuller’s, Greene King, Harveys, Hogs Back, Brains, Sheps and Well’s & Young’s to name but a few – I’ve been doing a little snooping into the more independent and exotic brands hoping to get some new material for some less standard real ale reviews. I’m struggling to actually find an ale list so have emailed CAMRA to ask for a preview – watch this space, I’ll update as soon as I know.

Beer O’Clock

We’re also planning on meeting up with the guys from The Beer O’Clock Show (if you haven’t listened to them yet, give it a go, highly recommended). We’re going to have a chat over a pint and share some stories and opinions and a little collaboration may be in the works so keep an eye out for some exciting developments!

Live Twitterage

Obviously, as we do, we’ll be live tweeting the event. We’re going on the Friday. Feel free to get involved with this, we’ll be using the #GBBFMFBR hashtag – one liner reviews, interesting news, pictures all that gumf. If you have any suggestions during the day, want to say hi or disagree with something we’ve said? Tweet us! It’ll make the day that much more enjoyable! (Warning, I will rave about the pork scratchings and have a dedicated pork scratchings budget and tweet quota).


Last year we turned up a little later than the 12 start time. Consequently the Champion Bar was rammed and pretty much sold out. This year the only tactics we’ve developed are to get there as the doors open, and work our way down that bar until we either can’t see or need to eat (hello, pork scratchings!). Besides this, until we have a proper list of everything on offer our strategisation is a little vague – we will no doubt keep this updated on Twitter (for as long as we can type). We’re also hoping to bump into some brewers, reviewers and CAMRA members and have a chat, scope out the feeling of the festival and the Real Ale scene as a whole. It’ll be nice to get involved face-to-face and not just on screen!

The Beer!

So CAMRA’s list is up, here’s a few I’m planning on trying:

Golden Ales

  • Millstone’s True Grit – B13
  • Ramsgate’s She Sells Seashells – B10
  • Twickenham’s Daisy Cutter – B9
  • Wizards’ White Witch – B5

Best Bitters

  • Potton’s Village Bike – B2
  • Woodforde’s Nelson’s Revenge – B13


  • Bath’s Gem – B8
  • Country Life’s Pot Wallop – B5
  • Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker – B19
  • Outstanding’s Selling Out – B13


  • Gower’s Black Diamond – B8


  • Coniston’s Oliver’s Light Ale – B4
  • Coach House’s Gunpowder Strong Mild – B2


  • A selection of ciders

Ambition, all hail ambition

Yes, I realise this is incredibly unrealistic. And if we’re all completely honest, the strategy goes out the window after the third pint. But alas, I shall try. Steve (Beer o’Clock Show) and I have also confirmed a mini-review to be included in one of their podcasts so keep an eye out for my drunken rambling and likely incoherence! Remember to follow us on Twitter for all our Twatter and if you see me/us staggering around, come and say hello, we’d love to share a pint with you!


Well then comrades, I guess we’ll see you over the top.


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