MFBR Hiatus

As any regular readers (do we have those?) may have noticed, MFBR’s content has been a little light of late. I am acutely aware of this and a little frustrated by it – but unfortunately, MFBR is only a hobby and must take a back seat when life throws down some challenges.

As such, it is with a heavy heart and an empty belly that MFBR will be taking a hiatus from writing, drinking and attending beer festivals and events as the little-and-not-so-often approach we have found ourselves in is not ideal for anyone involved.

It may come to pass that MFBR does not resurrect, it would be a real shame as I love doing this and have met many great people throughout the project and tasted a lot of incredible (and some not so) beers which I’m sure, without this, I would never have had the pleasure of experiencing. The semi-final send-off will be this weekend at the Crystal Palace FC Beer Festival – if anyone is there and would like to join us for a beer, let us know on Twitter and we will seek you out (when we’re not staring at the cheerleaders).

It’s been a great run with a great community. Here’s hoping we can pull it back a little further down the line.

And if anyone wants to produce a TV Show that follows a couple of people round drinking beer and making ridiculous metaphors, we’re game.


Drop us some thoughts!