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This blog has been alive or a few years and is a pretty casual affair (if you’ve read any of the reviews so far you’ll be nodding in agreement). As such, it has evolved worse than a deer in Chernobyl, mainly because I actually have to drink beer to be able to write about it which means my logical mind is not usually engaged when ‘building the blog‘.

So why should I bother reading?

That is the question, my friend. And I don’t really have an answer – I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, I can’t handle that responsibility. However, if you’re interested in all these new beers that are popping up in funky looking cans and bottles, or you’re intrigued by the ‘craft taps’ that are starting to appear in your local then I may just have something on this site you’d like to have a look at.

Since I’ve been legally allowed to drink (wink), I’ve been avoiding premium lager as much as possible. It struck me as flavourless and uninspiring so I started trying out everything else on offer. At the time it was a lot of Newcastle Brown Ales and Spitfires, bitters, ESBs and milds. Then suddenly, #CraftBeer was a thing and it was everywhere. A Chinook no longer signalled an invasion overseas but an assault on the senses. Beer experiments and events and drunken fun was everywhere.

Convinced? Great…

In that case, here’s a few posts to start you off:

Craft Beer for the Beginner – A very early post where the original MFBR crew threw some tips out into the world to help get people into craft beer.

Bridging Beers – Once we’ve helped you make your mind up that beer is probably the best-thing-in-the-world-ever this list of beers will give you a great practical starting point.

Harviestoun Tap Takeover – A quintessential beer event write-up. This should get you excited about your next local beer launch or tap takeover. They’re brilliant. Go to one.

Caveman Brewery Interview – Find out about the trials, tribulations and triumphs straight from the brewer. James is an award winning brewer from Kent, his insights are awesome.

Most Popular Post – At the time of writing, Old Thumper is our most popular review – follow tens of thousands of people that have enjoyed it!

What next?!

You’re asking too many questions. First, get another drink. Next – head over to that side bar on the right hand side. You can see the rest of our popular posts on there, ingest and consume them at your leisure. Then drop us a Like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and subscribe to make sure you never miss a post!

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